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At the time of writing (May 2003) the book has received about twenty reviews, almost entirely complimentary. Here are some examples.

A gem, the best kind of local history: lively, informative, and keenly aware of the broader contexts. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW (cxviii.475, Feb 2003) Read review in full (opens in new window).

Important, informative and horribly enjoyable... adds to our understanding of 17th-century theological disputes, the civil war, the class system, ecclesiology, local history and the psychology of the iconoclast. ANTIQUARIES JOURNAL (Vol 81, 2002) Read review in full (opens in new window).

Will ensure that the history of East Anglia in the 1630s asnd 1640s will be accurately re-written... an important book. CHURCH TIMES (13 July 2001) Read review in full (opens in new window).

A finely researched and well-documented picture of a key two-year campaign. SPAB NEWS

This wholly admirable book, factual reconstruction at its best. The contributors have applied a magnifying glass to one of the most disturbing passages in English history, which Catholics can only read about with pain and revulsion. CATHOLIC HERALD

A magnificent work of scholarship, beautifully produced, and emphatically not expensive at £50. CROMWELLIANA

A formidable piece of historical scholarship... a pioneering study of both 'a solid fanatic' and the role of iconoclasm in the godly reformation of the early 1640s. JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF ARCHIVISTS